8 Steps to Good Oral Health while traveling for the holidays

  1. Pack small - Be sure to get travel size mouthwash and toothpaste to get past customs.
  2. Keep your toothbrush clean and dry - When the toothbrush contains moisture, it can grow mold and bacteria. Make sure you clean it and allow it to dry before containing it in your to go bag (this can go for all your tools that may get wet) 
  3. Using disposable toothbrush - this is a good option to prevent mold and bacteria growth if you're not able to let your toothbrush dry. Some of them are also foldable which makes it easier to travel with. 
  4. Rinsing after meals - Be sure to at least rinse with water after meals. This will help remove most of the food leftover in the mouth. Also, be sure to use bottled water. Tap water from foreign places often carry bacterias that you are not immune to and can cause stomach upset. 
  5. Schedule a checkup - Before you go, call your dentist and check if you're due for a check up and cleaning. This can prevent possible emergencies and leave you feeling safe and confident during your vacation.
  6. Be mindful of your sugar intake - Sure we want you to enjoy your vacation, but too much sugar is not good for your overall health and your teeth! Try xylitol sweets and gums to help satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way.
  7. Your overall Oral health regime - you might be on vacation but your mouth still needs the same care. It's important not to neglect your teeth as it only takes two days to formulate plaque that can form into tartar.
  8. Prepare for possible emergencies- Anything can happen while you're away. Make sure you have antibiotics just in case of any dental infections. You should get a consultation with your dentist prior to any long trip to prepare for any possible emergencies. 
Alanna De La Cruz

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