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Tooth damage or decay is unfortunately a common problem among Americans. When this happens, your teeth may lose some strength and function, and it could even impact your confidence. Fortunately, treatments are available. Yohan Kim, DMD, FICOI, and the team at Madison Dental Loft in the Bryant Park area of Manhattan in New York City have extensive experience restoring teeth through the use of crowns and veneers. Call or go online today to schedule your first appointment.

Crowns and Veneers Q & A

What is a dental crown?

When your teeth are strong and healthy, it’s easy to take them for granted. However, for millions of Americans, teeth can become damaged, weak, or misshapen. When this happens, you may need a dental crown. A dental crown is a cap that is in the shape of a tooth. This cap is inserted over an existing, troubled tooth. When this is done, the cap then acts as the tooth, restoring the shape, size, appearance, and strength of the tooth. Crowns are very sturdy as they are cemented into position, making them appear and function as a healthy tooth.

What is a dental veneer?

Like a crown, a dental veneer is an implant that is used to restore a damaged, diseased, or discolored tooth. While a crown is a cap that fits over an entire tooth, a dental veneer is a very thin shell, usually made of porcelain. The veneer is placed over the front surface of a tooth in order to improve the shape, color, functionality, and size of the tooth. Each veneer is custom-fitted to your tooth in order to ensure a perfect match, greatly improving the look of your smile and restoring confidence. 

Why is a dental crown or dental veneer needed?

There can be many reasons why a dental crown or dental veneer is needed, including:

  • To restore a damaged or cracked tooth
  • To improve the appearance of a discolored tooth
  • To improve the appearance of a misshapen tooth
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To improve the appearance of teeth with gaps in between
  • To improve the functionality and appearance of chipped teeth

While they function similarly to restore the appearance and integrity of a tooth, crowns and veneers serve their own specific purposes. Speak with the experts at Madison Dental Loft to learn more about your specific needs.

What can I expect at my appointment?

While a dental crown and dental veneer are two different treatment options, the installation process is often similar for both. Conventionally, each requires two appointments, one to shape and prepare the tooth to receive the crown or veneer and to make an impression or image of the tooth, which is then used by a laboratory to make the appropriate cover. During your second appointment, the crown or veneer is installed solidly in place. However, by utilizing advanced technology and same-day dental techniques, the team at Madison Dental Loft is able to provide their patients with the same result in only one appointment, saving you time and stress. 

To learn more about your options, call or go online today to schedule your first appointment.