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Madison Dental Loft

Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry Center located in Grand Central area, New York, NY

Just as other industries have been revolutionized by advancing technology, so too has the world of dentistry. Yohan Kim, DMD, FICOI, and the team at Madison Dental Loft in the Bryant Park area of Manhattan in New York City have embraced these changes to provide their patients with cutting edge practices and solutions with digital dentistry. Call or go online today to schedule your first appointment to learn more.

Digital Dentistry Q & A

What is digital dentistry?

While nothing can replace expert knowledge and compassionate care, digital dentistry is pushing the bounds of what is possible in dentistry and greatly improving patient experiences. While technological advances have long been a part of dentistry, digital dentistry is a dental technology that uses computer-based technology and digital components. These changes allow for streamlined processes, better imaging techniques, and overall, better patient experience and outcomes. Dr. Kim and his team at Madison Dental Loft put these new technologies to use to better care for their patients. 

What new technologies are available at Madison Dental Loft?

Madison Dental Loft is proud to be on the cutting edge of dentistry care. The practice uses a variety of technologies to help them in their work. They use the TRIOS digital scanner in order to create digital impressions of your teeth, reducing the need for physical molding. Their patients report that this process is much more comfortable and less invasive, reducing the amount of time necessary to create the image and leading to greater accuracy than traditional techniques. 

When it comes to the creation of dental appliances, they have embraced the use of 3D printing techniques, reducing the amount of time needed to create devices while improving accuracy and customizability. In addition, the team uses an advanced CBCT 3D X-ray machine, allowing for a more comfortable procedure, less exposure to radiation, better image quality, and less waiting time. 

How do these technologies improve care?

When it comes down to it, having a dentist who has extensive experience, expert training, and a compassionate manner is irreplaceable. However, digital dental technologies can improve the standard of care even further. The imaging and printing technologies that the team at Madison Dental Loft use lead to less wait time for their patients, more accurate imaging and appliance creation, more comfortable procedures, and a more efficient and seamless process, sometimes reducing the number of appointments that are necessary for treatment. Dr. Kim and his team are happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding their state-of-the-art equipment.  

To learn more about how digital dentistry can improve your care, call or go online today to schedule your first appointment. 



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